The Hero Customer Machine

One Simple Principle

38 years of building extraordinary companies in ordinary industries has taught us that if your business offers something “Extra” compared to your competitors, you have 3 kinds of customers:

    Great Customers (“Heroes”) who reward you for your “Extra” because they need it.
    Average Citizens who buy on Price and Delivery because they don’t need your “Extra”
    Jerks who waste your time and money while they try to get more than they paid for.

We all know this from experience. But the question nobody asks is: “Why Don’t You Have More Heroes?”.

In most companies less than 20% of the customers are Heroes, less than 20% offer:
    1. Real cooperation for mutual success
    2. Genuine loyalty
    3. Opportunites for better pricing based on value

We help our clients increase that percentage by following One Simple Principle:
  If you’re good enough to have a few Heroes, we can get you more.
    1. They’re out there.
    2. They need you.
    3. They will buy from you when they understand what your “Extra” can do for them.

Let us build a Hero Customer Machine for your company – a systematic marketing and sales process that intelligently and relentlessly:
    1. Identifies Prospects with the same needs as your Heroes.
    2. Shows them how you can satisfy those needs better than your competitors.
    3. Helps your salespeople Get The Order.

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