The Legacy 2.0 Strategy

A New Paradigm

Over the next few years, more business owners will “age out” of their companies than at any time in history. Sadly, too many of them will experience their departure not as the glorious completion of their life’s work, but as the regrettable loss of their life’s purpose.


Because the point of view they adopted from their parents about selling a company crushes any yearning they may have to “Finish Brilliantly”. It does not serve the needs of this more vital, ambitious generation.

It's time for a new paradigm that takes advantage of the new opportunities and addresses the new threats facing this generation. The Legacy 2.0 Strategy is a blueprint for that new paradigm.

Departures that owners regret are usually caused by the same three factors that cause many business failures:

1. Poor Planning
2. Bad Research
3. An unwillingness to face unfortunate, inescapable truths.

The Legacy 2.0 Strategy helps owners overcome these threats and "Finish Brilliantly".

Carter Schelling developed it after helping a number of his owner clients sell their companies. It's different from conventional “wisdom”, but it’s rooted in real world experience.

That's important because selling your company is like getting old – many people have watched it happen but only those who have done it really know how it feels.

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