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Our Expertise? Business Strategies that Raise The Bar, GiveBack Strategies that Change The Game. 

Carter Schelling, Chairman of the 3655 Consultancy works with owners who want to build Extraordinary Companies in Ordinary Industries and then GRADUATE (not "Retire") and "Change The Game" in an area of GiveBack close to their hearts. 

Raise The Bar In Your Market

Being the best costs money. It's a heck of a lot easier to be the best when you are First Choice for the customers who will reward you for the extra value you provide. With our structured Hero Customer Machine process you can seize that position in your market. And neither you nor your competitors have ever seen anything like it before.

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Change The Game In GiveBack

Many successful owners get restless and uncertain after achieving the goals of their youth. They have won The Big Game and now they see no new challenge on fhe horizon that can match it for excitement. With our Red Zone Strategy we introduce them to The Bigger Game and they discover - for the first time in their lives - the feeling that "This is what I was put here to do!".

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