3655, Incorporated

Build A Great Company
Graduate Brilliantly
Use Your Gifts To Build A Better World

Strategic Business Advisors To Business Owners, Past and Present

3655 is an organization of business owners dedicated to Extraordinary Achievement In Business,
and Beyond

Carter Schelling, its founder has spent 38 years and 40,000+ client-facing hours
helping owners build extraordinary companies in ordinary industries. The organization offers consulting assistance in three practice areas.

The Hero Customer Machine

This targeted marketing system
embodies the single most important lesson
Mr. Schelling learned about building a great company.
A lesson that is profound, obvious once revealed
and - astonishingly - unaddressed by the consulting world.

The Legacy 2.0 Strategy

Carter and his clients developed this inspiring approach to
selling your company because the commonly held beliefs
were not serving their Vision Of The Future.

The Red Zone Institute

This incubator of GiveBack GameChangers
was borne from members of the group realizing late in life
that business owners possess gifts that qualify them
for much more than just running a business.

Build A Great Company With... 
The Hero Customer Machine

Hero Customers reward you for the extra value you provide. The Hero Customer Machine is a structured process we will build inside your company that locates prospects like your current Hero Customers and pursues them intelligently and relentlessly until your salespeople win their business.

"The Hero Customer Strategy helped us beat The China Price and keep our good manufacturing jobs right here in Philly. That's an extremely important part of my Mission with this business."

Bill Stockwell    Owner & CEO    Stockwell Elastomerics

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Graduate Brilliantly With... 
The Legacy 2.0 Strategy

Your Leadership Team helped you build a Great Company. We will help you build the team that can take the company - and your Legacy - to the next level, without everything you've built turning to ashes. 

"I never liked the terms "Exit Strategy" or "Retire", but I had achieved my goals at the company, I had no heirs in the business and I was restless. 3655 helped me develop a Legacy 2.0 Strategy that allowed me to Graduate to a Bigger Game without destroying what my family had built over 65 years. I'm proud of the outcome and I've never looked back."

Drew Schmidt    Former Owner   Wm. A. Schmidt & Sons

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Build A Better World With... 
The Red Zone Institute

The Red Zone Institute is in the business of helping owners, past and present use their gifts - in their own independent, creative way - to Change The Game in some area of GiveBack that touches their hearts.

"The Institute helped me develop a strategy to help Jewish young adults grow vibrant new communities of caring in areas where none have existed for decades. I haven't been this charged up since the good old days in my business. This is definitely what I was put here to do."

Barry Kahan    Chairman    RISHON Global

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Bring Your Vision To Life

Join us for a 3-part CEO Briefing
on the 3 ways we can help.

October 2nd at The Pyramid Club in Philly.

Schedule a time to discuss the briefing with Carter
or scroll down and watch our concise videos
explaining our work in each area.
Click here to discuss the briefing with Carter

A 3-Part CEO Briefing
October 2nd at The Pyramid Club in Philly

Join us for the Part that serves your Vision Of The Future.

Hero Customer Machine

In Part 1 you will learn how this structured process works and why it yields more customers who will contribute to your Vision Of The Future than conventional marketing techniques.

8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Watch The Introductory Video
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Legacy 2.0 Strategy

In Part 2 you will learn how to confront the 3 Deadly Myths of Succession Planning, build the team that will take your Legacy to the next level and finish your 30+ years on the job brilliantly.

1:00 - 2:00 PM

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And The Briefing

Red Zone Institute

In Part 3 you will learn how you can achieve something deeply meaningful now that you have more money, more influence, more wisdom and more freedom than at any previous time in your life.

2:00 - 4:00 PM

Watch The Introductory Video
Learn More About The Briefing

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